DICTIONARY : greenlandic - english - french

To travel implies encounters, and encounters imply communication.

Word lists:

English is more than useful to get around Greenland. Neverless, once we setteled on land we had to learn some greenlandic: specially in the remote areas many greenlanders only speak their mother tongue and some words of danish. What makes things even more complicated is that greenlandic has nothing in common with european languages. So we had to start from scratch.

Due to the different periods of migration to Greenland, there exist several dialects that can be identified as belonging specifically to the West-, East- and North-West coasts where we have setteled for the winter.

The word lists have been compiled following our requirements and include some recordings of pronounciation (in Avanersuaq). The lists distinguish between Avanersuaq, language of the North, and Kujataani, language of the South. Under construction - comments are welcome!

Weather bulletins are broadcast in greenlandic and danish. Numbers are generally pronounced in danish.

Following books have been very useful:

  • Elly Olesen, Word List, Greenlandic - English - Danish, Attuakkiofik, 1996 (ISBN 87 558 1279 1) - school book
  • Birgitte Hertling, Greenlandic for travelers,, 2013 (ISBN 978-87-995995-1-6) - pamphlet for tourists
  • Bent Gynther, Ordbogi, Assiliartalersugaq, Attuakkiofik, 2001 (ISBN 87 558 1748 3) - illustrated school book


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